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Eco Labeled Products

Eco-Label  is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification and labeling worldwide. An eco label identifies products or services that are proven to be environmentally friendly in a particular product or service category. GEN members operate the world's most powerful eco-labels. There are different label classifications as listed below.

In contrast to the "green" symbols or demand notifications developed by manufacturers and service providers, the most reliable labels are provided by a neutral third party for specific products or services that are independently determined to meet the transparent environmental leadership criteria based on life. cycle considerations.

The roots of eco-labeling are the growing global concern of governments, businesses and the public for environmental protection. Natural, recyclable, environmentally friendly, low energy, recycled content, etc., as businesses realize that environmental concerns can be turned into a market advantage for specific products and services. Various environmental statements, demands and labels have emerged as such. These attracted consumers to seek ways of reducing environmental impacts through purchasing options, but they also led to some confusion and skepticism. Unproven or irrelevant claims have been branded "green washing".

GEN member ECOmark® provides clarity and authenticity for consumers. Since its inception in 1994, GEN has grown to embrace more than 27 organizations around the world and to extend from Norway to New Zealand in twenty years.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has identified three broad types of volunteer labels, including the most powerful Type 1 eco-labeling link.

Type I:
It is a voluntary, multi-criteria, third-party program that awards a license that allows the use of labels on the environment.

Informative environmental self-declaration claims

Voluntary programs provided by a qualified third party and providing quantified environmental data of a product under predetermined parameters based on life cycle assessment and verified by this or another authorized third party.

You can find the list of products labeled Eco by our page.