ECO LABEL for shoes

The ECO LABEL criteria for shoes and insoles takes into account the entire production process and covers all processes related to environment and health. ECO LABEL is in essence an environmental label, but consumers also demand increasing questioning of working conditions in the manufacturing process.

ECO LABEL for shoes

Therefore, ECO LABEL and insoles for shoes also take into account social aspects as well as traditional environmental requirements.

Shoes are important consumer products a consumer buys on average 3-4 pairs a year. But there is something many consumers do not bear in mind: The production of shoes involves several environmentally related processes, from tanning the leather to finishing the final product. 

The purpose of the Eco label is to define high standards throughout the production chain that protect the environment and health. With ECO LABEL, it will be easier to get to know good shoes in the future.

ECO LABEL certified shoes are tested for contaminants, environmentally friendly production is guaranteed, Ecological absolute sensitivity is observed in raw material extraction and final production.