ECO LABEL for Textile Cleaning

This certificate in the ECO LABEL program is awarded to service providers who offer professional cleaning of textile and leather outerwear and home textiles. When you have a suit or suit cleaned, it is recommended to do it without dry cleaning. Environmentally friendly solvent carbon dioxide is used in CO2 cleaning. 

ECO LABEL for Textile Cleaning

Another environmentally friendly solvent used in the cleaning process is water. Hence, both cleaning processes do not emit any pollutants to the air and wastewater - but still the textiles are cleaned. Perc used in dry cleaning is a carcinogenic substance. Clothes that are thought to be dry cleaned are cleaned with this material.

In the dry cleaning process performed with conventional methods, the chemical solvent is very harmful to the environment due to direct contact with the clothes and leaving chemical waste on clothes.

Thanks to ecological dry cleaning methods, chemical exposure is eliminated. After washing in the machine, the clothes in the drum are vacuumed by the carbon filter and cleansed from chemical solvent and harmful wastes.

The ECO LABEL certificate for Textile Cleaning is given to businesses whose compliance with ecological standards is determined by our organization through various evaluations and tests.