What Does Ecological Balance Mean?

Ecological balance is a term used to describe the balance between living organisms such as humans, plants and animals and their environment. Photosynthesis taking place in the ecosystem is ...

What is Ecological Labeling?

Ecological labeling is a voluntary environmental performance certification and labeling method applied all over the world. Environmentally friendly label, eco label or ecological label, a specific category ...

History and Value of Environmental Labeling

Environmental labels have been on the market for more than a quarter of a century, but their value is that the information provided is reliable, objective, easily identifiable and understandable to consumers.

What is Ecological Certificate?

Ecological certification is an environmental regulation where a company or brand voluntarily chooses to adhere to the predefined processes or goals set by the certification service.

What is Eco Labeled Product?

Eco-Label is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification and labeling worldwide. An eco label is a product that has proven to be environmentally friendly in a particular category of product or service.

What is the Benefit of Eco Labeling?

Eco-labeling is an effective way of informing customers about the human health and environmental impacts of selected products and the choices they can make. Products harmful to humans, humans and the environment.

Why is Eco Label Needed?

Despite the best intentions of a manufacturer or seller, not all claims that a product are greener may be meaningful or true. The criteria that make a product greener are complex and independent ...

What is Green Building?

A green building is a building that reduces or eliminates negative effects in its design, construction or operation and can have positive effects on our climate and natural environment. Green buildings, al ...

What is Green Technology?

Green electronics, environmental technology, etc. The idea partially refers to the materials used in the manufacture of computers, cell phones, televisions, and dozens of other electrical devices. For example, all ...