ECO LABEL is an ecological certification program that encourages consumers to change their consumption habits, conserve our resources for the next century, and use energy smarter. 


One of the biggest advantages of ECO LABEL is that it is a widely recognized ecological certification program all over the world. ECO LABEL is one of the most recognized environmental certificates in the world and benefits from increasing international demand. The world's leading companies and brand owners prefer the ECO LABEL program for their products.

Eco-labeling practices are spread all over the world today, and many eco-labeling programs are implemented. The main reason for the widespread use of eco labels worldwide in this way is the increased environmental awareness of both consumers and producers.

ECO LABEL complies with ISO 14024 standards and is a Type 1 Eco-Friendly Label. Type 1 Eco Label is a life cycle based eco label that has been verified by a third party. It addresses the main environmental impacts of a particular product and sets limits for compliance to reduce those impacts.

This means that ECO LABEL certified products take into account not only the impact at the end of the consumer, but also the product's raw material usage, shipping, manufacturing and packaging.

ECO LABEL certified products secure consumers and help them make environmentally sound purchasing decisions.

What is ECO LABEL?

ECO LABEL, or eco label, is a product that meets certain environmental performance criteria of consumers and corporate buyers and is therefore considered "environmentally preferable".

What are the Advantages of ECO LABEL?

One of the biggest advantages of ECO LABEL is widely recognized all over the world. ECO LABEL is one of the most recognized environmental certifications in the world, benefiting from increasing international demand.

What is ISO 14024?

ISO 14020 series (14020, 14021, 14024, 14025), global principles and procedures for ecological labeling, by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the ...

What are the Basic Features of ECO LABEL?

Eco Label helps to increase the sales of products that perform better socially and environmentally by gaining consumer confidence and trust. In this way, consumers, retailer ...

What is ECO LABEL Certificate?

Eco Labeling is a voluntary environmental performance certification and labeling method applied worldwide. The ecological label may be environmentally preferable within a certain category.

ECO LABEL Certificate For Which Products?

Eco Label is a voluntary environmental performance certificate applied all over the world where you can identify products or services that have proven to be environmentally preferable in a certain category.

What is the ECO LABEL Approach?

ECO LABEL is a voluntary program, which means that manufacturers, importers and retailers can apply for labels for their products. Usually b ...

ECO LABEL Certificate Processes

Eco labels refer to the qualities of everyday products we use to encourage consumers to choose more environmentally friendly products. Manufacturers' welcome ...

What Does ECO LABEL Do?

The ecological labeling or eco labeling certification program offered by ECO LABEL is a voluntary environmental performance certification and labeling method applied worldwide. ...

ECO LABEL Product Tests

The contents and production processes of the products that apply to the Eco Label program should be evaluated by independent laboratories within the framework of certain criteria. Potential reference s ...

Which Companies Can Apply For ECO LABEL Certificate?

ECO LABEL, a voluntary certification program and recognized throughout Europe and the world for many years, is an environment that provides products and services that meet high environmental standards throughout their lifecycles.

How to get ECO LABEL Certificate?

Manufacturers, producers, importers, service providers, wholesalers and retailers who produce products or offer services that meet any of the established product and service group criteria ...

How to Use the ECO LABEL Logo?

The ECO LABEL logo inspires trust in consumers and verifies that the product really meets the established ecological criteria. After very strict and detailed evaluations, the approved products ...

What kind of program is ECO LABEL?

ECO LABEL is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification and labeling applied worldwide. Eco-friendly eco labels or ecological labels are suitable for a certain category of products or ...

Which Categories Does ECO LABEL Cover?

The ECO LABEL program covers a wide variety of product categories. A variety of paper and paper manufactured consumer products, lighting, electrical products, clothing and apparel and other consumables, etc. ...