What are the Advantages of ECO LABEL?

One of the biggest advantages of ECO LABEL is widely recognized all over the world. ECO LABEL is one of the most recognized environmental certificates in the world and benefits from increasing international demand. The world's leading companies and brand owners prefer the ECO LABEL program for their products.

What are the Advantages of ECO LABEL?

ECO LABEL certification and labels are now a powerful and effective marketing tool. Manufacturers that want to have visible evidence of their environmental efforts receive ECO LABEL certification.


ECO LABEL complies with ISO 14024 standards and It is a Type 1 Eco-Friendly Label. Type 1 Eco Label is a life cycle based eco label that has been verified by a third party. It addresses the main environmental impacts of a particular product and sets limits for compliance to reduce these impacts. This means that Eco Label certified products take into account not only the consumer impact, but also the product's raw material usage, shipping, manufacturing and packaging. Therefore, Eco Label certified products will help them make better informed purchasing decisions that secure consumers.

New Market Opportunities

For manufacturers with ECO LABEL certified products, it may be easier to obtain certification in other countries and market their products abroad. Over the years, consumers are more aware of environmental problems and the impact of the products they buy on the environment has become. This greater awareness has led to increased consumer and industrial demands for green products and services. Certification of your products allows you to market your products better in a society that demands businesses to adopt more sustainable practices.

Having Eco Label certified products helps you improve your corporate image and differentiate yourself from your colleagues.

Reduces Environmental Impact

Having Eco Label certified products will contribute to reducing your business's impact on the environment. The certification process follows a life cycle assessment approach, taking into account not only the impact of the end user, but also the manufacturing process of the product, its labeling, and the use of raw materials.


The Eco Label program increases the efficiency of production applications by eliminating unnecessary processes, so you can save costs in energy and water use in a sustainably produced product.