What kind of program is ECO LABEL?

ECO LABEL is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification and labeling applied worldwide. Environmentally friendly eco labels or ecological labels define the general environmental preferences of a certain category of products or services within the framework of ecological cycles. 

What kind of program is ECO LABEL?

Eco labels are "green", "environmentally friendly" etc. developed by manufacturers and service providers. Unlike symbols or claim statements, they represent certifications issued by an accredited, neutral organization with respect to certain products or services independently determined to meet environmental leadership specifications.

Environmental labels are designed to inform consumers about the relative environmental impact of the products they purchase. Environmental labeling makes a positive statement by describing a product as less environmentally harmful than another similar, but not labeled product.

ECO LABEL program There are also a number of public benefits. These benefits can be summarized as follows;

  • Promoting economic efficiency
  • Reducing consumer information costs
  • Verification of products in a competitive business environment
  • Increasing environmental awareness
  • Reducing consumption effects
  • Improving basic environmental strategies

An environmental labeling scheme has the potential to improve the quality of the environment and promote the sustainable management of resources. In the complex world of product science and often in vague or difficult to understand environmental claims, powerful eco labels like ECO LABEL provide a precise and simple guide to the option to buy better environmental products. ECO LABEL is one of the most respected ecological labels with valid accreditations, recognized all over the world.