What is ECO LABEL?

ECO LABEL or eco label are signs placed on product packaging or e-catalogs that can help consumers and corporate buyers quickly and easily identify products that meet certain environmental performance criteria and are therefore considered "environmentally preferable". 

What is ECO LABEL?

Eco Labeling is a voluntary environmental performance certification and labeling method applied worldwide. Ecological label identifies products or services that have proven to be environmentally preferable within a certain category.

Eco tags can be owned or managed by government agencies, nonprofit environmental protection organizations or private sector organizations.

Ecotags can be single attributes, meaning they focus on a single lifecycle stage (ie use phase) of a product / service or a single environmental issue (ie VOC emissions). They can also be multi-specific, meaning they focus on the entire life cycle of a product / service (production, use, maintenance, disposal) and address many different environmental issues (i.e. energy use, chemical use, recycling and more).

Eco-labeling is used all over the world as a way to encourage consumers to change their consumption habits and use resources and energy wisely in a sustainable development effort for the next century.