ECO LABEL Certificate Processes

Eco labels refer to the qualities of everyday products we use to encourage consumers to choose more environmentally friendly products.

ECO LABEL Certificate Processes

They tend to help us reduce overall energy consumption and other ecological impacts when shopping by setting a standard of sustainability that manufacturers must meet. Verification of standards in this way generally International Organization for Standardization It follows a certification process with the highest certification form provided by (ISO).

The certification process will help a company prove that its function complies with a standard and has the right to sell its products certified through the supply chain, which will often result in a consumer facing eco label. There has been a marked increase in eco-labeling programs in recent years, as consumer awareness is thought to have reached a higher level, that is, people want to know the environmental characteristics of the products they buy / consume. 

The first step to obtain the ECO LABEL certificate and to use the ECO LABEL label on the products is the application. Beforehand, the company must make sure that it meets the certification requirements for the relevant product group. Producer companies that have completed their preparations can request certification by applying to our organization.

Then, following the application, a contract is signed between our organization and the manufacturer and the inspection process is initiated. Afterwards, a preliminary examination is made. After the preliminary examination, audit visits are made to the company. In this process, the extent to which the manufacturer complies with the ECO LABEL criteria and to what extent it carries out its production activities in accordance with the standard requirements is evaluated on-site.

The last step of the certification process is the issuance of the document. If the company successfully passes the inspections, the last step is to issue the ECO LABEL certificate and allow the company to use the ECO LABEL label on its products.