How to get ECO LABEL Certificate?

Manufacturers, manufacturers, importers, service providers, wholesalers and retailers who produce products or provide services that meet any of the established product and service group criteria are eligible to apply. Retailers can apply for products marketed under their brand.

How to get ECO LABEL Certificate?

After learning the appropriate category and criteria for your product, if you think your product meets the required standards, you can start your ECO LABEL application process immediately by contacting our organization. Our team of experts provides you with end-to-end guidance on the documents required for your file, such as statements, data sheets, and test results, and the recommendations for product testing labs share the relevant technical requirements needed to complete your application.

On average, every four years, criteria are revised to reflect technical innovations such as the evolution of materials, manufacturing processes or emission reductions, and changes in the market. Therefore, Eco Label always represents the highest environmental performance.

The things to do to obtain the Eco Label certificate can be summarized as follows;

  • First of all, you start the process by contacting us about the product you want to buy ECO LABEL and making a pre-application.
  • Then you need to submit the required documents and documents related to your product.
  • Your product, whose application file and documents are prepared, are tested in an accredited laboratory.
  • After the laboratory approval, the application is completed. After that, the evaluation process begins.

After receiving your application, it reviews all submitted documents, including submitted materials, and initial feedback is given within a short time. Additional documents may be requested during this period. 

After all documents are approved, our organization can visit the relevant business on site. When the evaluation of the whole process is completed in a positive way, your contract and license will be arranged. This agreement specifies the range of services or products covered by the license, including any trade name or manufacturer's internal reference numbers. 

After the relevant company signs the contract, the ECO LABEL certificate is sent. This certificate will detail:

  • License number that can be used with the ECO LABEL logo
  • Legal name of the applicant
  • ECO LABEL services or product range
  • All relevant trade names where the product is sold or the service is marketed

Along with the certificate, instructions on how to use the certificate and logo in your services and products that meet the criteria of your ECO LABEL logo and license number are sent. Thus, the ECO LABEL certificate is obtained for the relevant product and the logo can be used on the products.