What is ECO LABEL Certificate?

Eco Labeling is a voluntary environmental performance certification and labeling method applied worldwide. Ecological label identifies products or services that have proven to be environmentally preferable within a certain category.

What is ECO LABEL Certificate?

The arbitrary "green", "ecological", "natural" etc. used by many producers. Unlike symbols or claims such as such, ECO LABEL offers reliable labels approved by a neutral third party for products or services independently determined to meet transparent environmental leadership criteria based on life cycle considerations.

An ECO LABEL logo on a product or service means that it has been certified against a science-based standard. Requirements and product categories may differ, but all standards address a wide range of environmental and health issues, which can include toxicity, air quality, energy and water use, recyclability, use of natural resources, and other areas of interest.

ECO LABEL programs have Type 14024 status according to ISO 2018: 1 Environmental Labels and Declarations - Type 1 Environmental Labeling. This verification of standards usually has a program process with the highest certification form provided by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

As a result, Eco-labels refer to the qualities of everyday products we use to encourage consumers to choose more environmentally friendly products. They tend to help us reduce overall energy consumption and other ecological impacts when shopping by setting a standard of sustainability that manufacturing companies must meet. Products that meet these criteria are entitled to receive ECO LABEL certification by successfully completing the ECO LABEL certification process.