Which Companies Can Apply For ECO LABEL Certificate?

ECO LABEL, a voluntary certification program and recognized throughout Europe and the world for many years, is an environmental excellence label given to products and services that meet high environmental standards throughout their life cycle.

Which Companies Can Apply For ECO LABEL Certificate?

ECO LABEL, which has an environmentally friendly approach in all production processes from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal, is the choice of sensitive and industry-leading manufacturers, is a certification program suitable for thousands of products under tens of categories. ECO LABEL supports the circular economy by encouraging producers to produce less waste and carbon dioxide in the production process. The ECO LABEL criteria also encourage companies to develop durable, easy to repair and recyclable products.

As a result, all manufacturers, companies, importers, service providers and wholesalers who offer their products or services to the market in Europe and the world can apply for ECO LABEL. Retailers can also apply for products put on the market under their own brand. Major producer categories are as follows; 

  • Companies that produce cleaning products such as detergent and stain removers, dishwashing detergents, degreasers, microfiber cloths and mop
  • Skin care products, diapers, hair products, wet wipes, breast implants, baby products and children's textile products, lady ties, toilet paper, paper towels, earplugs, cotton, dental hygiene, soap, hair products, skin care products and other companies producing hygiene products
  • Companies producing batteries and chargers, electronic products, print cartridges, paper and envelopes, stationery and other office supplies
  • Firms producing baking papers, napkins, dishwashing products and other kitchen utensils
  • Companies producing cleaning products, car washes and similar products for cars and boats
  • Companies producing hemodialysis bags and other hospital products
  • Companies providing accommodation, printed materials, cleaning, restaurant, conference area, markets and other services
  • Firms producing construction materials such as garden, flooring, paints and varnishes, chemical products in the construction sector, furniture and accessories, building panels, fireplaces, windows and exterior doors.
  • Clothing, tablecloths, towels, linens, yarn, leather and other textilescompanies that produce til products

The ECO LABEL criteria provide important guidelines for companies wishing to reduce their environmental impact and guarantee the efficiency of their environmental actions through third party controls. In addition, many companies refer to the ECO LABEL criteria for guidance on environmentally friendly best practices when developing their product lines.