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How is ecological product?

If the hormone is not used in the planting plant, if the pesticides are not used, it is certain that the soil gives more healthy and nutritious products. Several studies have shown that many chemical drugs used in agricultural production have a negative effect on human health and cause a number of diseases. Such effects were higher in children than in adults. Likewise, this rate is high for farmers and agricultural workers.

The procedures and principles of certification of ecologically labeled products are required by the relevant legal regulations. The production stages of these products are controlled by independent audit and certification firms.

Ecological production is a method that protects soil and water resources. The objectives of ecological production are to protect the soil structure and productivity. Soil fertility is increased by using natural substances instead of chemical drugs. Since chemical drugs are not used in ecological agriculture, they can also be prevented from entering underground water resources.

The methods used in ecological production include: use of beneficial insects, green fertilization, cultural and mechanical weed control, crop rotation and diversity, close monitoring of soil, plants and natural life. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with risks to human health and the protection of the environment are not used in ecological production.

In short, the purpose of organic production is to protect the health of plants, animals, humans and the environment without polluting the air, soil and water resources.

To date, the wrong methods applied in agriculture have disturbed the balance of nature. In order to reestablish this balance, organic product (ecological product) cultivation is focused on. In this production form, production systems that are sensitive to human and environment are used, the use of chemical drugs and fertilizers is prohibited, organic and green fertilization are carried out and studies are carried out to increase the soil resistance of the soil. In ecological production, the quality of the product is increased rather than increase in quantity.

Even if a product is grown with organic methods, this product is not considered to be an ecological product unless it has been checked and certified. Ecological products must be processed not only at the production stage but also in organic processes in purchasing, storage, packaging and sales stages. These stages must be supervised by a control and certification body.

Our organization ECO Label © supports all activities to protect human health and the environment. For more information on ecological products, please contact our organization managers.