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What is ecologic product?

Ecological products and services (ECO Label ® Registered) are products and services that benefit from the ecological functions of ecosystems. Such benefits accrue to all living organisms, not just humans, but animals and plants. However, it is increasingly aware of the importance of society in which ecological goods and services meet health, social, cultural and economic needs.

Ecological product or organic product, from crop to harvest in agricultural products and until the product reaches the consumer from harvest to the ecosystem and human health at all stages of production without any chemical input, additive and method are produced without using products. In this way, organic products are controlled and certified,
In industrial, textile, chemical and production fields; ecological products that do not harm the nature, can be recycled, does not contain substances harmful to human health and completely chemical safety product class.

According to the principles of Organic Agriculture, the principles of Organic Agriculture, published in 2010 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, organic products are certified products in raw, semi-finished or finished products produced in accordance with the methods of organic farming.

In general, natural, natural, hormone-free, pure or village product such expressions are used, but they do not have any legal basis. The expressions that define their reputation as organically are only ecological and biological expressions. Some producers who have the opportunity to start to raise awareness about organic products, ecology and health are misled by these words. Even if hormones are not used in a product, artificial fertilizers and some pesticides may have been used during production. This prevents the product from becoming organic.

Nowadays, agricultural products are used to get higher yields, to collect the product early, to keep the shelf life of the products longer and for similar reasons. Remnants of pesticides cause various diseases in humans. But, more importantly, water resources are polluted and soils are becoming more and more inefficient.

Products that are consumed today with organic products are grown in the same conditions and in the same environment and at the same time they are collected and analyzed at the same time. . However, ecological production besides human health is a contribution to the protection of nature.

In ecological production, fighting against seeds, fertilizers and pests creates high costs. Weeds struggle because the drug is not used increases the labor cost. Artificial fertilizers and pesticides are not used as high efficiency. Control, certification and analysis are cost factors. Since there is no high version, demand remains low, which creates costs such as transportation and storage. Because of all this, the prices of ecological products are slightly higher. Prices will be reduced at the rate of demand created.

Our organization ECO Label © supports all activities to protect human health and the environment. For more information on ecological products, please contact our organization managers.